Robert Joseph is tired of listening to people tell him how to think, how to act and how to climb the “corporate ladder.” So Robert dowsed the ladder with gasoline and set it on fire. Exactly one year to the day before the release of his debut EP - Doozy - Robert quit his job as a scientist to focus on creating his own message. Now it’s Robert’s turn to speak and he has something to say. Robert uses a mixture of blues-rock guitar, catchy melodies and metaphorical lyrics to tell stories of his personal struggles with the pressures of life in our society. Robert reminds us that you can still deliver a passionate and authentic message in modern music by grounding us in our roots.

From his origins in the small town of Dowagiac, MI to his current residence in East Nashville, Robert has been playing guitar and writing songs for over a decade. He has collected a wide range of influences but great rock n’ roll songwriters like Tom Petty and The Beatles make up his foundation. Mix in the classic blues-rock guitar playing of legends like The Allman Brother’s Band and Jimi Hendrix with a dash of modern alternative musicians such as Jack White, and you have Robert’s music at its best.

These influences are evident in Robert’s debut EP - Doozy. This album takes you on a journey through the stages of self realization and spiritual freedom. Each song is an anecdote of the struggle Robert went through while he steered away from the mindless path that others had directed him down and realized his real passion in music. He teaches us how to listen to ourselves and block out the white noise others blast in our ear. He hints at topics such as dreaming big, letting go of the past and the frustrations of our current social and political climate. Queen of Eden is not only a catchy and punchy rock melody but a reference to the acknowledgment of things in our lives that aren’t good for our spirit. With What You’re Looking For, Robert soulfully lets us know that it is ok to let these things go and leave our past behind. Finally, as if he were driving a cadillac in space, Robert tells society that “You can have it all, I don’t need your love anymore” as he escapes from his past in From the Mountains of The Moon.

Robert is currently playing guitar for the Nashville rock and roll band, The Rangos, while putting the finishing touches on his next album and preparing for his next round of touring. #keepingthedreamalive