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What I listened to in 2017

As a final blog post for 2017 I wanted to share with everyone some of my favorite artists, albums and shows of the year. A lot of these artists are from Nashville so if you live here you are probably familiar with many of them. If you are not from Nashville, there is a lot going on in this city other than mainstream country. This is more of a list of music that I gravitated to and not really a “Best Of” list.


Ryan Adams - Prisoner
I probably listened to this album more than any other this year. The production on this album is amazing and it is a sound that I really enjoy. Very precise and dialed in, but still open and raw. The songwriting is typical Ryan Adams of the past few years and this is definitely his best stuff recently.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - The Nashville Sound
Jason Isbell does it again for me. He writes songs on this album that hit personally and pull out all of the emotions. This time however, he uses he 400 Unit to embrace more of the rock n’ roll side of Nashville, and they kill it. The 400 Unit may be one of my favorites right now.

Lilly Hiatt - Trinity Lane
I love her songwriting. This album is very autobiographical and she opens up her wounds. She also embraces a little more rock n’ roll and her songs hit hard at times. Trinity Lane is right around the corner from where I live too, which is pretty cool!

Queens of the Stone Age - Villains
This album is super badass and rocks. To me it sounds like they pulled from a lot of old-school rock bands that I always listen too and put their alternative twist on them. They energy is so high, there is groove, some of the sounds are out there, everything is always changing but they keep it really tight. I love that.

Anderson .Paak - Malibu
Ok so this is actually a 2016 release but I didn’t come across it until this year. I listened to this almost as much as any else. This guy is pure funk and soul. He has so much groove you can't help but feel it. Please check out his live stuff too.

Margo Price - All American Made
She is one of my favorite songwriters in Nashville and she nails this album. It is a protest album and she says what I’ve been thinking about the “American Dream” way better than I could ever do.

Other Albums

Heavy Meta - Ron Gallo
Pure Comedy - Father John Misty
DAMN. - Kendrick Lamar
Canyons of my Mind - Andrew Combs

Songs (I'll probably add to this list once I remember more)

Do You Still Love Me - Ryan Adams
Spent the Day in Bed -Morrissey
The Man - The Killers
Hope the High Road - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
If We Were Vampires - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me - Ron Gallo
The Night That Bowie Died - Lilly Hiatt
All American Made - Margo Price
DNA. - Kedrick Lamar
The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness - The National

Live Shows

Ron Gallo Album Release Show (or any of his shows for that matter) - The High Watt

From start to finish this show worked on a different level of consciousness. Ticket holders were given a handwritten letter addressed to humanity (I still have it somewhere), which covered many personal and societal issues. The trio then went on to put on one hell of a rock show with crazy stage antics included. Near the end he even passed out fresh fruit to the audience as a peace offering (unlike the letter, I didn’t keep the fruit).  

Ty Segall - Mercy Lounge

This was a super high energy show and for some reason I felt really happy there. I was around awesome people and the music was killer.

Things I Missed and Totally Regret Not Seeing

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit at the Ryman
Sturgill Simpson outside the CMA Awards

Other Artists and Bands I Followed

Colter Wall
Sturgill Simpson
Larkin Poe
Dan Auerbach
The Record Company
Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats