Robert Joseph

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2018 Goals

I want to give you a little insight as to how I’m planning out my new year. So, here are my goals for 2018. It’s all about putting my best foot forward and letting everyone see it. I’m not chasing a certain number of fans, views or likes. I’m just trying to be great and for people to enjoy my work. Those numbers will come. In summary, my goals this year are to be the best I can be and put it all out there for people to take notice. 

  1. Be too good to be ignored

    It is pretty plain and simple, I want to put myself out there and I want people to take notice. If I’m going to do something this year I’m going to pour my heart and soul into it and I want people to remember that. I’m not holding anything back. I’m even taking vocal lessons starting this month. I’m going to practice, write, record and perform like never before. I want to master my craft and let that carry me through my career.
  2. Be ready to take risk and seize opportunity

    It has been hard as a new artist in a city dominated by veterans. Never going to school, never taking lots of lessons and starting a late age has always kept me a little reserved. Not this year, I’m jumping on every opportunity I can get, putting myself out there and getting uncomfortable if I have to. I’m confident I can start making big leaps.
  3. Play 80 gigs

    I was only able to play a handful of gigs last year but each one of them was a blast. It might seem like a stretch to jump to 80 gigs this year but this is the goal I’m going to focus on the most. I’m going to play everything this year. House shows, acoustic gigs, full band gigs, clubs, breweries, bars and backyards: you name it I want to do it.  
  4. Write 100 songs

    This might be the easiest of the four goals but it doesn’t mean it isn't that important. Writing songs is probably the most important thing to me as an artist and it is when I usually have the most fun. I was able to write around 40 songs last year, which to me doesn't feel like a lot. I was still figuring out how to incorporate writing into a busier music schedule. At some points I felt paralyzed by the gravity of everything I had to balance. But I have the rhythm down now and the songs are already starting to pour out.