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This Is My Nashville - Spotify Playlist

I've highlighted a few of my favorite artists and bands from my current Nashville Spotify playlist. 

  1. Ron Gallo
  2. Ron Pope
  3. Them Vibes
  4. The Blackfoot Gypsies

Ron Gallo - Ron Gallo is my spirit animal. He is a primal concoction of rock ‘n’ roll electricity and cosmically aligned poetry. When he also mixes in a dash of assertive punk rebellion his live shows are as entertaining as any other in town. He packs a heavy punch but keeps us on our toes. I went to his album release show and not only did I get a personally written letter at the door but I was handed a piece of fruit during his midset walkabout. His new album Heavy Meta is becoming one of my favorite releases of the past couple years and I’ve included my most played songs "Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me" and "Kill The Medicine Man". If anyone can make smashing a guitar cool again, Ron Gallo can. 

Ron Pope - If Ron Gallo is my spirit animal then Ron Pope is my Jedi master. I’ve been following Pope’s music since I first gave him a Lyft ride to his gig and then heard his music on the radio later that same hour (Nashville is like that). He not only makes great music but is one of the best examples of how to make a living as an indie artist. I follow Ron and his Brooklyn Basement Record label on social media not only to keep up to date but to learn what to do when it comes to music business. His blog called Advice By The Slice is a must read for young artists. I’ve been listening to his songs "Hell or High Water" and "Ain’t No Angel" since the day I met him.

Them Vibes - These guys write songs that I wish I was writing. A revival of every old-school genre that touches my soul, their funk, soul, country and rock ‘n’ roll their songs catch me just right. Their live show is also a force to be seen. I caught them at The Basement East a couple weeks ago and their live playing supports their rock ‘n’ roll songwriting perfectly. Their new song "Electric Fever" has been stuck in my head non-stop.

The Blackfoot Gypsies - I haven’t had a chance to catch a live show from The Blackfoot Gypsies like I have others on the list but I’ve been listening to their album To The Top just as much as any other. These guys have attitude, they have swaggar and they have a raunchy, bold sexiness that was taken strait out of the time period rock 'n' roll was being invented. The overall groove and energy of To The Top is great for keeping me going when I’m trying to get work done. It’s also fits perfectly for the late night beer and cigarette hangs. I’m a sucker for their blues-infused rock ‘n’ country and I have included "Warning" and "Potatoes and Whiskey."