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July Tour Recap

This week is the first in months where I can decompress and organize my thoughts. Since the release of Doozy, I have been basically working non stop. I think it’s time for a break: however, the feedback, encouragement and fun I had while on the road has me more excited than ever.

Here is a short recap of the weekend.

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The waiting is the hardest part - Tom Petty

I have been planning the release of this EP for what seems like an eternity but in reality it has only been a few months. It has given me some anxiety lately, not from fear or uncertainty but from just waiting for the plan to unfold. I had written the songs for the EP a while ago and I have been eager to release them. However, there are so many steps in the process that it takes a lot of time and this is frustrating.

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A unique and authentic writing process is the most important thing a songwriter can create.

For me the process includes every little bit of work that goes into a song. From the years of practice, to the instant sparks of inspiration, to the hours laboring over a melody note by note, it is all part of the process. Creating a great songwriting process helps me to compile ideas, organize thoughts, solidify a message and refine the details of a song.

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Queen of Eden and More to Come

It has been six months since I left my previous job to embark on this music career. I can honestly say that these six months have been some of the most challenging but rewarding times in my life. One of my first goals was to professionally record a song that encompasses my songwriting, singing and musical abilities. "Queen of Eden" is a blues-rock song with a catchy melody, a classic fuzz guitar lead and a hook that grabs you right away. Listen to it here on my music page, on my Youtube channel or my Soundcloud page! 

Although hundreds of songs are probably recorded each day here in Nashville, it really means a lot to me to get this first one out there. So I am hoping that you enjoy it as much as I do now and will continue to do in the future. So keep an eye out for this song as I play it around town. In addition to making this a staple in my setlist, I hope to use this as the cornerstone for a fundraising campaign to make my first EP. So tell all of your friends about it and stay tuned for more. Be ready to lend a helping hand when I launch my fundraising! Thanks for all of your support!

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